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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Obviously this is predicated on getting decent offers:

DD: Deal him now and sell high (hopefully we'd get an expiring, prospect + half decent pick). Alone i believe he can get us something positive.

Amir/KL: I would trade these two together because alone neither will fetch much, especially Lowry since there is only 5 months left on his contract. (Together i think we could get an expiring + pick or prospect.)

Rudy: I know this won't be popular but i don't trade him yet. At this point there isn't a huge market for SF's in the league. No major injuries to any SF on teams that could trade for that huge contract. I would wait and hope he starts playing better and ups his value and in the meantime maybe a SF in the league goes down and a team comes calling. Worst case scenario you hold onto him until the summer when he becomes a large expiring. Is there anyone on this team that can be thrown in with him, sure but then you start trying to match salaries at 22-25mil? and it makes it more difficult unless it's a three team deal. Maybe i see if Detroit is still interested and would add a little better value to the package.

The bench: I wouldn't push to trade any of them, they won't get us fuck all and most of them are on small + short term contracts. Obviously if someone has to be thrown into a deal to make the $$ work go ahead but otherwise they mean nothing going forawrd and don't hamper us financially. You can start guys like Augustin or Stone, Ross, Fields, TH, JV and see what you have with some of these players unless you want to start a player or two that you receive in the trades.

Obviously, this will be picked apart but that's what i would look to do.
Agree with this, but I'm with shadowfax on trying to move Gay this season rather than next only if we can get a draft pick and parts for him. If no picks are offered I agree with Jeff on just waiting until the off-season to deal Gay as an expiring. Would love to see a trade with Detroit for Monroe like you said. The only other teams that I really feel would take a look at Gay are the Bobcats (soon to be Hornets) and Cavs, but I'm not sure either would be willing to part with their respective 1st rounder.
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