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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Amir has always produced? He had troubles staying on the court and couldn't defend without fouling, then became a very nice impact player.

Ross and Davis were not mismanaged. You make it sound like anything but being handed unlimited minutes is mismanagement. Ross is looking like a very nice player with good discipline. Compare that to what he was eight months ago, and don't tell me his sucking was Casey's fault, unless you want to suggest that Casey asked him to take terrible shots and not defend and then pulled him after Ross followed those instructions.

Ed was playing so well he netted us Rudy Gay. I would have liked to have seen him get minutes over Bargnani, but that wasn't going to happen right away. Eventually Ed was finishing a lot of games and maximizing his impact.

Jonas might come off the bench. Are you seriously going to tell me that means he will be mismanaged? He very well could have a much better chance to get his game going with a mix that is not so perimeter heavy. Ultimately he needs to find his way through a bit of a struggle here. Hibbert struggled through most of last season. Had he been a second year player i can see where Tyler might of taken his starting spot.

What does development mean to you exactly? Does it somehow mean that players should not be expected to compete for minutes or starting duties? That is kinda what it meant to Triano.
Yes, your second part is true. However, whenever he has played in his career - no matter how many minutes, he's been productive.

TR - yes he did play s**t last year. But he was a rookie and his coach to gave him random roles and minutes. TR has done a lot to improve yes, no one is denying that.

Come on. Ed was only given that chance because of an injury.

Here I'm going to let BDL's post from another thread answer that:

"As it should. Putting our potential franchise guy on the bench because the coach has no idea how to utilize him on the floor in favor of a veteran who has already reached his peak is probably the worst thing that could happen this year, outside of making the playoffs and getting killed Bucks style and getting a mid round pick.

Then again, if it does happen, and we continue losing, which we will in this next hard stretch of games, Casey should be fired, which will lead to Jonas flourishing.

Either way, Casey sucks, and he needs to go. Now. He's probably the worst coach in Raptors history. Kevin Oneill move over."

I could say the exact opposite to you. Limited minutes and hoping what happens in practice is enough to show stuff to the coach despite the coach trusting veterans at all costs despite their horrid skill level and that they haven't won much in their respective careers.
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