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Originally Posted by Raptorman View Post
Saw Gravity in Imax 3d.

Graphic are stunning. Yes, you believe it was done in space.

Story was weak. Basic disaster/survival plot. Star gets stuck- Star gets out.

Sandra Bullock had he body on display to let the world know she has survived her breakup. We are all thrilled

6/10 for great graphics.
Just finished watching this and my god.... I'd really like those 2 hrs of my life back. I nearly turned it off half way through (due to sheer boredom) but decided to stick it out til the bitter end. In a way the movie reminded me a bit of "Castaway" in that there's a lot of time spent on a single actor on screen. Problem is... Bullock isn't nearly as charismatic as Hanks so you end up not really caring what happens to her (I was much more interested in Clooney).

I give it a 4/10 at best.

Also watched "Ender's Game" which was even MORE disappointing. Great book that they absolutely butchered and even Harrison Ford couldn't save it. Felt as if they just skipped through the book every 30 pages or so and then threw in whatever scene was going on at that time. It was like reading the book on extreme fast-fwd. Horrendous.... which really kills me because I was so looking forward to it.

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