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Default 2013-14 Salaries Update

Just catching up and making our roster salary current, moving into the part of the schedule where some trades are possible, even likely.


Rudy Gay $17,888,931 (2 years, PO in 2nd)
DeMar DeRozan $9,500,000 (4 years)
Amir Johnson $6,500,000 (2 years, 2nd $5M guar)
Landry Fields $6,250,000 (2 years)
Kyle Lowry $6,210,000 (1 year)
Steve Novak $3,750,000 (3 years)
Jonas Valanciunas $3,526,440 (3 years, TO in 3rd)
Tyler Hansbrough $3,183,000 (2 years, 2nd $1M guar)
Aaron Gray $2,690,875 (1 year)
Terrence Ross $2,678,640 (3 years, TO in 3rd)
Quentin Richardson $1,399,507 (3 years, 2nd and 3rd unguar)
DJ Augustin $1,267,000 (1 year)
Austin Daye $947,907 (2 years, 2nd unguar)
Julyan Stone $884,293 (2 years, 1st 100k guar, 2nd unguar)
Quincy Acy $788,872 (2 years, 2nd unguar; $884,293 for tax)
Dwight Buycks $700,000 (2 years, 2nd unguar; $884,293 for tax)

Marcus Camby Buyout $2,763,054 (0.647 M on next year's cap)

Team Cap Totals $70,928,519 (12.2 M above cap)
Team Tax Totals $71,208,233 (0.5 M below tax, 4.5 M below hard cap)

Cap: 58.679 M
Tax: 71.748 M
Apron/Hard Cap: 75.748 M

Q-Rich has been waived. Stone has been signed. Those are the only two updates.


And next year's numbers:

Rudy Gay $19,317,326 PO
DeMar DeRozan $9,500,000
Amir Johnson $7,000,000 (5 M guar)
Landry Fields $6,250,000
Steve Novak $3,445,947
Jonas Valanciunas $3,678,360
Tyler Hansbrough $3,326,235 (1 M guaranteed until June 29th)
Terrence Ross $2,793,960
Austin Daye $1,063,384 (250k guaranteed until June 30th)
Julyan Stone $948,163 (unguaranteed until 7th July)
Quincy Acy $915,243 (unguaranteed until 25th July)
Dwight Buycks $816,482 (unguaranteed until 22nd July)
Marcus Camby $646,609 (buyout)

Kyle Lowry $9,315,000 (cap hold)
Aaron Gray $5,112,663 (cap hold)
DJ Augustin $1,512,000 (cap hold)

Above roster: $75,641,372 (around tax apron)
Let Gray and DJ walk, keep Lowry's rights: $69,016,709 (slightly below tax)
Let them all walk: $59,701,709 (around salary cap)
Rudy opts out, all FA's walk: $40,891,719 (~20 million in cap space)

Extreme case would be waiving all of our unguaranteed guys (except Amir) to end up with 6 players (DD, Amir, Fields, Novak, Val, Ross) making $37.6M in total, leaving at least 20M, probably closer to 25 M in cap space to sign 6 players.
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