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Originally Posted by Nyall View Post
what you should draw is that derozan and gay can not work together..

Gay's poor shooting has lasted ever since last season and has gotten worse now, as he's shooting far more than he did last year, with no signs of actually slowing down. This is no shooting slump, This is what Gay brings. He won't make any more shots than he's making now, what might change is that he'll stop taking as many shots, hopefully he's not a Raptor long enough for us to find out.

For DeRozan sake, I'm really hoping he doesn't become even more like gay.

wtf are you talking about? and are you actually comparing the Raptors to miami?

Scoring 30 ppg, on 50 pct. shooting is not average. It is amazing. Lebron is the furthest thing from a poor shooter, and if you don't include his rookie year, he has always been efficient [by league standards]. Not to mention Lebron has hadat least 6 apg in every year he's been in the league. Lebron's worse season in the league, his rookie year, is better by FAR than Gay or Demar's best seasons in the league. Him not being a chucker like Gay is the reason why it worked in Miami. Lebron actually gets team mates involved, to Gay, team mates are the things that give the ball to him and stare while he plays iso, 20 times a game.

And I haven't even spoken about Wade yet.

you're trolling right? you have to be, you must be.. please tell me you are.
I have no clue where you're getting your data, but try the real world next time. Lebron's 3pt percentage in 2010 and 2011 was 33%, Wade is a career 29% 3pt shooter. I also have no clue why you mentioned his assists when what I said they were high usage and poor shooters (maybe I wasn't very clear with the word shooting, I thought it's obvious I was referring to long distance shooting since that's the main criticism at gay/demar). Also, field goal percentage has little correlation with shooting, unless you think Drummond is a vastly superior shooter to stephen curry ...

As far as the pace, don't get your comment since you didn't care to explain. Are you implying that miami likes slow ball and teams are trying to force them to play a fast paced style??? Every team that had success against them did it by slowing the game to limit turnovers and fast break opportunities and then pound the ball inside to take advantage of their lack of size and hopefully force them to move away from the small ball they prefer. As soon as they put a big man on the floor, miami's offense suffers dramatically.
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