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I just saw Doug Ford making some ridiculous accusations against David Miller. He accused him of corruption and looking for personal gain while bankrupting the city in the name of the elites. You know what - I might consider the idea of the media and elites being out to get him for a second if this kind of unbelievable bullshit wasn't the position held for the last ten years non-stop. It's a pure outrageous lie, and that goes along with the lies about his own record and personal life. But everyone is out to get the dude that does nothing but lie and spout bullshit that only has the intention of turning people against each other. It's fucking disgusting.

David Miller appointed a conservative budget chief. He held meetings across the city to help formulate budgeting priorities for this city. And he balanced the budget, achieving a surplus in fact. Did he raise taxes? Considering the financial mismanagement he inherited from Lastman, yeah - that was unavoidable. He did not suggest that big projects would somehow pay for themselves or that there was some way we could all enjoy a free ride. Dougie wanted to give his developer friends a shopping mall and ferris wheel on the waterfront, ignoring years of planning and excellent progress in making the waterfront a functional part of the city for everyone. How fucking corrupt is that? When asked how much this project would cost he said he had no idea.

These two have bullied their way through with ludicrous ideas, misinformation, and willful ignorance, but everyone is out to get them. Money has in fact been wasted. The city has become stagnant and extremely short-sighted, not because of the council's inability to get things done, but rather because of Ford's agenda and his shutting down of processes vital for moving forward and appropriate planning. The Gardiner is an expensive mess. Ford scrapped the environmental assessment process for it's removal and/or alteration that was already underway and had cost money. Now he's been forced by the collapsing nature of the structure, to start the assessment up again from scratch. A huge amount of time and money was wasted, and the Gardiner continues to suck cash out of the budget, year after year. Great work Rob! But hey - everything can be solved by ranting about elites, the media, and repeating stupidly simplistic mantras regarding the war on the car, the need for subways instead of the LRT that he blindly and stupidly calls streetcars, and hands in cookie jars (when he was looking to take city land for his own use, has no problem using police services, road repair services, and ttc services to provide him with personal service). Fucking disatser from start to finish. He made his own bed and Doug did a great job letting his dogs piss on it.

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