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Originally Posted by rapsmannn View Post
bargnani still looks like he is to big, either he doesn't want to drop his weight or he actually thinks his playing weight is about right

problem with the Raptors and our previous regime was that they wanted to make Bargs a center instead of pf in his natural position, this lead to him trying to get bigger which lead to his lack of speed and diminished skills, watch that summer league video and you can't even believe Bargs could move like that, he was even blocking well

he was better in year 1 then he was in any other year, he could do much more and was actually a better rebounder in the euro league which usually transfers over well

whatever though not the Raptors problem but lets hope they focus on developing players the right way under masai

honestly that stretch Bargs had couple years back to start the season he was incredible with phoenix and Utah back to back, Bargs got injured that game cost him that season and looks to be the injury that is going to cost his career, guy lost his mobility with that calf injury

bargs deserves a lot of the blame how his career went but honestly bc deserves the same amount of blame for drafting a pf when we had chris Bosh on the team
I totally agree with you. I LURVED banana the first few years he was here. I was a strong defender of the banana and thought he just needed a few years in the NBA to adjust to the lifestyle and culture. But instead, I watched a grown man wither and wilt away until eventually he became a shell of his former self. I put it 50/50 on Bargs and b.c.
SADLY, I was a strong BC supporter. (boy do I feel stupid now) I truly thought we was the man for the job. I LOVED what he did in Phoenix with the Suns and I thought that would be a perfect fit in Toronto. Even if we didn't win, I figured it would be fun basketball to watch and the city would get into it. Instead, what we saw was the son of a prominent and legendary GM trying over and over to have instant success vs. earning it over the long term with smart investments and intelligent management.

The final straw was taking T.Ross over Drummond. I mean, I like ross, he's a nice player but Drummond is a game changer. He is a MONSTER!
HOW do you give up a shot at a guy who was projected to go #1 not that long before to take a looong shot on some unknown shooting guard?! SO STUPID. Another daddy's boy move, trying to "prove" how smart and genius he is. Grrr. Sorry, ranting now.

So yeah, half the blame is on that moron B.C. who helped turn Bargs into a useless soft banana. I am so thankful we have a professional and competent GM now! :mu:
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