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Default What to do in this situation.......

Wasn't sure where this should go so feel free to move if needed....

So, i have a little situation and i was pondering what my best course of action would be to try and resolve this issue im having with someone who lives a few streets over from me.

So basically, I live on a street corner on a "quiet" residential. My house is also located on a pretty steep hill, which reaches its highest point at the Most western tip of my house (at the eastern end of the house, there is a 4 way stop sign. Over the last 3-4 weeks, I have all of a sudden had this guy with his fart cannon civic literally redlining his first gear as he proceeds west up my street and hill every morning at exactly 8am. As I am finishing up my Masters I have the luxury of not having to wake up early 5 days a week, so naturally this can be quite annoying.

The real problem comes from the fact that this guys car is SO loud that it wakes me up almost everyday (at least 4 of 5 days) and I have trouble falling back asleep, once I wake up, so I usually end up staying up from that point on, even if I was up until 2-3am the night before (and with GTA5, I know im going to have some late nights). This has never really been an issue before 3-4 weeks ago when he started doing this. Its getting to the point that Im waking up angry thus not being able to fall back asleep because this guys car is so loud and annoying. A real problem im having with the situation is that I KNOW hes ripping it because, although loud, when he does drive by at other times of the day its never as belligerent as when he does it early in the morning.

So.....what do I do about this problem? Do i trying and flag him down next time Im outside and I see him driving by and ask him to take it easy in the am, Do I go to his house at night and leave a strong worded, yet somewhat polite note on his car telling him to take it easy in the AM, Do I report him to the police (if not for noise, then for speeding since its only a 40 zone and the guy must be doing 60+ by the time he lets off the gas). I don't want to do anything too drastic because I don't want to have problems with this guy in the future. but I NEED him to stop stretching first gear out at 8am when my bed room window is right beside and facing the road........SO what course of action should I take?
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