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an interesting debate i've seen played out in a few forums recently is about the correlation between squad strength (how good the players are,) and team "togetherness." and within that we could be talking tactically, does everyone understand their role, and also of course team spirit/chemistry. Are all the players happy, does everyone get on, how good is the manager at managing the egos. Also of course, we are talking about cohesion, a lot of new players can cause problems initially, or even in the medium to long-term.

great squads can definitely be badly hindered by lack of togetherness (man city last year,) and mediocre/quite good teams can definitely be raised up a great deal by good tactics and togetherness. But is there a limit teams like that can reach without any/many world-class players?

Which is more important? can you be successful only having one of them? or with one being a lot less than the other?

i mean, the battle for the premiership and the top 4 four is absolutely intriguing. Here's how i assess the top 6:

man utd: big worries over squad strength and team togetherness. However they do still have a lot of class players and although moyes might take a while to stamp his authority, they won't just instantly lose all of that togetherness and belief that fergie instilled.

man city: good transfers brought in, better mix of personalities as well, could address a lot of the ego issues they've had in the past. Also looking like new manager is better equipped at dealing with players. however, so far the cohesion is looking like a big issue, both in terms of new players and tactics.

chelsea: very strong squad and proven manager. However, i'm less and less impressed with mourinho's tactics in the past few seasons. He's so negative! Imo, they have the fewest issues tho, still have them as favourites for the prem. Mourinho will make them hard to beat. (Don't think they'll do well in europe tho.)

Arsenal: strong squad, but with some glaring issues. However, they have by far the best "togetherness" imo. The team spirit is strong, they all trust and believe in the manager, they understand the tactics and their roles.

spurs: extremely strong squad, however, temporarily at least, the worst togetherness issues.

liverpool: weakest squad (although not by much imo,) but after arsenal, the best togetherness imo. The squad have adapted to rodgers better/faster than spurs have to AVB imo.

the prem this season is almost impossible to estimate imo. The only things i'm fairly certain on are the LFC won't win the league (arsenal and spurs very unlikely,) and that none of utd, chelsea, city will finish 6th (unlikely any of them will finish 5th but certainly not impossible. esp utd, who at this point are looking vulnerable.)

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