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Originally Posted by woodchuck View Post
Hah. But he's actually good. It's the first time I see that blog, but this is impressive for a presumably unpaid blogger. This is better than nearly all the ESPN insider stuff, although maybe that's not saying much these days.
Probably not lol; nothing in that article that hasn't been discussed ad nauseam here. In fact, there was hope that the Raps could do the same thing with Bosh at the 5 and Bargs as a stretch 4 a couple years in.

I'm thinking that the results will be pretty much the same although with one caveat to that (that the writer started to go) and that is Bargs won't be the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd option on the Knicks as the Raps never had players like 'Melo, Chandler, Felton, Shumpert, Amare, etc. So really, on the premise that Bargs is a more offensively versatile player than Novak and will help open lanes for 'Melo and the rest, then I fully believe AB will have a positive net impact on the Knicks. Certainly didn't hurt their defence exchanging him for Novak - probably even improved it since Bargs is an average to above average iso defender and Novak is not - Chandler will clean up the rest.

Overall, I still like the move for the Raps and the Knicks. It really is a shame though, when I start thinking back to 2004 to 2006 what could've been if the Raps drafted Iguodala in 2004, not traded Vince that year and still drafted AB in 06 (or had a different GM so he could be wise and take Aldridge). TJ/VC/AI/CB/LA <-----contenders right there - just saying lol I know, I know, probably wouldn't have gone that way even if the team kept Vince and drafted AI, to good to be bottom dwellers to get the 1st pick

Anyways, I digress, lol, playing with what-if's are like a sore tooth, one knows not to play with it but you just can't help it sometimes

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