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pull list and essential comics for Aug 21st...


Comic Vine

over the last few years i've become pretty jaded when it comes to Marvel "events"...tbh, the last couple have been a letdown
so it was with great trepidation that i decided to purchase/download Infinity#1 (6 part series)
the main reason why i started reading it is because of Jonathan Hickman...who imho, is one of the top 3 writers in comics today (his recent run on Avengers has been awesome)...the incredible rotation of artists (Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeņa, and Dustin Weaver ) was the icing on the cake

the story is on a massive scale...far too much for me to explain so i'll just copy and paste from Wiki instead

The event concerns issues built up over multiple Marvel comic books a part of the Marvel NOW initiative, foremost of which is Hickman's own Avengers and New Avengers series. This backdrop is represented on three fronts, the first of which is the threat that an ancient race of aliens known as the Builders pose to the universe that was detailed in Hickman's Avengers series. The second is the mysterious ailments that are plaguing the universe with Earth at the center, which were hinted at and explored in books such as Hickman's New Avengers and Nova. The third is the political ramifications these events have on Earth in the galactic community, which are detailed in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The story itself involves Thanos attacking Earth while the Avengers are in space uniting the universe against the Builders, with the events of Age of Ultron acting as a catalyst for the rest of the universe to formally target Earth. The event crosses over with Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers books, with two different perspectives being told in each book. Avengers follow the Avengers while they are in space recruiting various alien races to fight against the Builders with Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy while New Avengers details Thanos' attack on Earth and the heroes left behind to deal with him.[1] The various tie-ins tell Thanos's attack from the perspective of various Marvel characters.
The aftermath of the event will lead directly into the Inhumanity storyline, where the Terrigen Mist has been released throughout humanity.
if anyone is interested in getting a "taste" of what this about, you can download the prologue issue for free at Comixology

Infinity #1 is a little pricey at $4.99, but well worth it imho (142 pages)

really looking forward to seeing what Hickman has planned over the next 5 issues
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