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as some of you may know, i was engaged.... around May, i decided to take a break from the relationship and i decided to be single again.
it didnt go over well with the fiance, but we were together since i was 20 (8 years), and i needed some 'me' time.
it wasnt that i didnt love her anymore, it was because i wasnt ready for marriage and i needed a break from life, a break from responsibility and in general; i just wanted to be free. (selfish, i know)
I told her all of this and i was surprised how well she accepted it.
lesson learned #1 - always tell your woman the truth (you'd be surprisesd hom much more she will respect you).

initially, my plan was to get laid like i was 19 again...
i'm talking sex, sex, and more sex....
thankfully, i'm one sexy mofo, so i was already ahead in the game... but being out of the dating scene for such a long time, i needed to do my research. i spent a few weeks reading books, articles, and web forums that would give me a better insight on the mind of a woman.
from 'cocky-funny', to alpha male, to general advice - i found it all.
within a few weeks, i put my game to the test.
clubbing, hook ups, picking up girls on the street... i did it all.
within a few months, i had gotten so much ass it was unbelievable.
i wont go into the nitty-gritty, but lets just say i got so much sex i was actually sick of it. seriously, i didnt want it anymore.
i started feeling so empty inside... i mean, my plan all along was to get as much ass as i could, but now that it was becoming a reality - it just wasnt fun... i actually hated myself and the guy i was becoming. i started feeling depressed because this wasnt me, this wasnt the guy i grew up to be.

by september, i couldnt take it anymore...
even though my plan of getting ass came to fruition, i couldnt stand myself and i was depressed inside.
i used to hold women in the highest regard.... but they just seemed so ordinary now... just objects. the only woman that i wanted now, was the one i let go of 4 months earlier.... she was the only one for me, and i knew it.
everything else seemed so boring.

long story short, luckily, i got back with my fiance and we worked everything out.
i learned so much over the summer its amazing.
1) woman want want they cant have.
2) if interested, woman will do ANYTHING (and i mean anything!) for you.
3) the main weapon any man can have is not money..or looks. its confidence.
4) the grass is NOT greener on the other side.
5) sex gets pretty boring.
6) if you're happy in life, you are more powerful than you could ever know.
7) how can you be totally irresistable to woman? knowing that you already are.
*that is the most powerful mindset you can ever have.

so its now Novemeber, i'm back with my love and i'm a loser again... and i wouldnt have it any other way!
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