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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
TO, AWESOME find! I sent the link to a friend of mine who'll be very interested in it.

I find it alarming though on two fronts:

A. Some of the comments by the men seem to point in the direction of a return to misogny or a slight offshoot of it.

B. Darwinian thought being used inappropriately once again in regards to a discussion involving cultural attitudes and behaviours.

What's dangerous in all of this is that men are seeking to simply relations between the other sex, essentially searching for the hierarchacl (sp) order that many were accustomed to between 1900-1959 where men were in essence dominant and had all say. The fact that women now have the ability to choose which direction they wish to go to and that this has irked men, is alarming. Alarming because men wish to simplify relations once again.

Seriously TO, great find.
Thanks bud. I feel a bit bad about it because it's not my intention to offend our female posters here (who all seem like great chicks) but a lot of things rang true for me. I still think that it's a very interesting article that should spark some debate too.

In terms of the points that you brought up... yes, I can see what you're saying now (re: the misogynistic view) but I didn't read it that way.

I don't think that most men are bothered at all by women levelling the playing field in society. I think that it's more a matter of the INEQUALITY that's still prevalent in the courts that keeps men apprehensive.... and the general confusion that seems inevitable these days when it comes to trying to relate to women and "satisfy" them.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it though. I still consider you one of the most "intellectual" people that I've met so I'm always very interested to hear your opinions on various topics.
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