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Originally Posted by Barracuda View Post
I'm not going to agree or disagree with it.

Cuz, truthfully, it's all relative.

Everything depends on the particular person you're dealing with.

The money-grubbing, skanky, manipulative (and all the other above-mentioned traits) are not me.

The douchebag, bad boy, egotistical asshole is not who I date. (No matter what YOU people think )

As for the nice guy thing - there CAN be such a thing as TOO nice.

But I've tried dating the "bad boys", and fuck... it's just not worth it at all. Why would I want to be treated like crap, or like a trophy girlfriend?


I understand all the new problems that have arisen in dating as of late. Equality is a huge thing, different women want different things, but hey - so do men.

The key is - if you want to find someone that's right for YOU, keep looking.

Don't generalize everyone.

So many people have just lost patience.
How old are you again 'Cuda? 25? If you're still single in 10 yrs. I'd be curious to see if your opinion would change some.

And re: the "You can be TOO nice" stuff I totally understand that. I'm not talking about guys who are totally spineless and have absolutely no opinion of their own.... it can be annoying at times though to see good girls date complete dickheads when that's "supposedly" not what they want.

You watch Sex & the City? Funny that Carrie ended up marrying Big and not Aiden....

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