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Default The Lady and the Tiger - A Riddle For The Ages

Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a king. A very barbaric king who ruled with an iron fist. He was king only because of birthright and not because of wisdom. In his kingdom, the penalty for lawbreaking was harsh: if you were found guilty of a crime, you were put in an arena in which most people fought lions in gladiator games. There were 2 doors in this arena, of which one you must choose. Behind one door was a lady; of the beautiful sort, and, if you opened the door with the lady in it, you were instantly married. Never mind your previous marital status, but you were married on the spot. Behind the other door was a tiger; of the hungry sort, and, if you opened the door with the tiger in it, you were eaten.

Now, in this kingdom lived a man. He was a great man of status and nobility. He was loved by many, but only loved one: the princess, daughter of the king who we talked about earlier. Now, the princess loved him back, and their love bloomed, until the king found out. Even though the young man was of status, he was not a prince of another kingdom. He had the man arrested and put on trial.

The king chose the kingdom's most 'eligible bachelorette' so to speak as the lady behind the door. He also chose the kingdom's most hungry tiger as the tiger behind the other door. Here, the princess knew the woman. She hated her guts; and her jealousy was one example of her semi-barbarism (which she got from her father, the king). She was very angry and thought a while.

She then went to the arena, where her lover would soon be tried in a risky game of chance. She saw the woman and a tiger in separate doors. She knew which one was in which door and kept a note of it.

On the day of the trial, the man was put in an arena, whose seats were filled with just about every citizen of the kingdom. The rich, poor, smart, ignorant were there. The princess and the king were sitting in a place where only the prince can see them. Now, remember, behind one door, there lay a lady, ready to be married. Behind the other, a tiger, about to devour the young man whole.

The young man was looking to the princess for guidance. In that instant, without anyone looking, not even the king, she gestured to the right. The young man opened the right door. Now, here I ask you: what came out, the lady or the tiger?

This question still eludes people today, and of this I cannot find an answer. Think hard about the princess and her gesture. What are her motives: to allow her lover to marry another, just to keep him alive, or did her barbarism take over and point to the door with the tiger? Answer yourself!
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