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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Because i spent a couple years living in Ottawa and used to go to Montreal and certain parts of Quebec all the time, even dated a girl from Hull for a while. I've even gone there for work a dozen or so times. Anyway from my experiences, generally speaking i found most people to be snobby and often i've seen people thumb their noses at people if they weren't speaking french. I also would say that nearly half of that province would prefer to seperate from Canada and nearly did in the mid 90's, this was voted on when i was living in Ottawa and i lived with that shit for a year. Then there's the whole singnage laws that absolutly drive me up a wall. Certain parts of Montreal are nice, Old Quebec is beautiful but the rest of that province sucks imo. I'm french and i can't stand going there.

My mother works for a call center, she's always told me that out of everyone she deals with all over the country, people from that province have always been the rudest and most arrogant she's french. She speaks french to them and they'll tell her she's not really french, some have even called her a cunt in french.

I'm not saying everyone in the province is like this that, that would be ridiculous, but basing it on my experiences, and since i went to French schools my whole life (through HS) and have had many classmates from Quebec i have a pretty decent sample size to look at. It's my opinion, but i wouldn't live there if you paid me. And the winters there are brutal.

And don't call me Jeffy you condescending little turd.
I angered jeff!

I just find it funny that everything you said about quebec I would say about torontonians. snobby would be an understatement for so many people here.

to each their own.

oh and for future reference, dont call me a turd you audacious bastard
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