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Originally Posted by LX View Post
So the NDP is going to make Canada's reputation even worse?

And don't tell me about the financial state. The Libs were no better than the Cons when it came to spending almost exclusively in their own ridings and letting corporate entities run the show. They took Toronto for granted for a decade and offered no means of coping with costs that they downloaded here. They co-opted reform policies throughout the Chrétien years, and failed to stand up to a minority Conservative party, all the while yelling with hair on fire about how Tories would have tanks patrolling our streets. Can anything get more ridiculous or pathetic than that? How about delivering an essential message to Canadians through a blurry home movie, or clenching a fist and shouting with fake passion? What is the last thing that the party as a whole believed in, and don't say the Red Book.

Now I could fill pages concerning my disgust with Harper, although I would have to point out that they have offered stability and tackled some tough issues on their own initiative, or in other words, that they have shown they are capable of governing and hemming in their extremes to some degree. I think its possible to see that they could be much worse. What I don't get is how anyone can say the NDP would be much worse, without offering anything but fear mongering, and at the same time wishing Bob Rae could be the leader of their party.
I'll respond to the rest of the post at a later date when I can come up with specific facts to back myself up. as for Bob rae, I wished for him to be the leader because I know that no matter who leads the liberals will not win the elcetion coming up. party support is still low (although it has raised with the emergence of trudeau). The party needs to rebuild itself, and in that phase there will be a loss. I dont want our seemingly best leader to end up tarnishing himself in the public eye simply because the party didn't have a better option at their disposal right now.

as for the NDP, economically this country would take a deep dark plunge. I fear for the day that the NDP are voted into power. as well, their energy demands while may sound nice are not sustainable. their views towards nuclear power is absurd, and that party can only lead to trouble.
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