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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
yes one of the core beliefs of the religion is that they are the only abrahamic religion which didn't change the script and actually hang it over the "heads" of the other religions as some sort of "we're better than you". this is digressing a bit but it is ironic that while the original script may not have been changed, it has been translated to death and falsely so many goddamn times that it may as well have been changed. I actually think the religion they believe is more changed than christianity or judaism. not that I'm for any religion, but that's a whole other discussion.

by that part of the world I was referring to the arabic "part of the world". not sure what's so off throwing about that?

and by modern I meant the whole dubai, emirates, saudi idealogy of bringing western money into the fold and promising ridiculously high wages and no taxes with little hours worked all at the expense of their own people. They want to be the best in the world, and are providing a double standard as a result. upmost freedom for the western women while their own are practical slaves to men who could have more than one wife.

is that not disgusting? they're claiming to be modern and riteous and great while at the sme time abusing their own people based on FALSE religious claims due to translation.

where do I get these translation stories? well being born into a muslim faith (not that I hold any part of that religion close to me nor believe in it) I am informed about it. for example did you know that no where in the koran does it state that women should cover their hair? let alone covering everything except their eyes??

it's ^^that sort of crap that makes me question the religion, the people enforcing it in a brutal way, and generally makes me hate the powers at work over their. people just go on ignoring some of the arabs like saudi, emirates, etc because they're not bomb crazy suicidal people like the taliban but really they're just as shit as the flith we claim to be "terrorists". the only issue is they're gracious to westerners because they want to be seen well in the eyes of the world powers, but brutal towards their own kind that have to live in subpar living conditions (to say the least) and live under ridiculous, fictional beliefs, because they were brainwashed into it or forced to.
I find much disgusting, and think that what the Wahabi's impose on the religion and culture very problematic. But it goes well beyond the Arab world, and there are plenty of Arabs that do not buy in. The influence comes from money, including money from you and I, and their focus on evangelism. The inconsistencies and injustices are more than apparent to people in the region, and it is the terrible power dynamic which has lead to much of the extremism and ultimately terrorism, as well as going beyond the futility of that to movements like we ave seen recently.

These people are not living in a vacuum. There is a recognized need to enter the modern world with a full set of rights and a sense of self-determination. And it will take time and look very different from one quite different set of people to another. Painting with broad strokes doesn't serve much of a purpose.
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