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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
I've been pretty patient with my opinion on our current Toronto Raptor Coaching crew. I think it's only fair to do so, a coaching staff isn't hired because they are stupid. I respect Sam, and TRiano, and English, I am certain the yare all very smart men, however, from what I can tell, whatever scheme they hav ebeen using, whatever system, or ideology, it is failing. It's failing with some very decent pieces. Bosh O'Neal, Bargnani, all 7 footers that are playing well, and could, and WOULD be untilized well on any other team, at least any team in the top 1/3 of the league. Our secondary players, as forgetable as they can be, are all serviceable and fairly intelligent and the PG has been touted by almost all experts as allstar, or suballstar level. One could argue that it's been only a few games, and any team could lose a few, thats true. But how many of the losses did you personally feel were over in the first quarter?

I know I sure felt that way, and you can ask the BArracuda, she'll tell you, I called every loss. The reason is simple, this team wins when it plays amazing ball, when they hit shots at an amazing rate, when Parker is hitting 18 foot fadeaway jumpers and Moon is going 3/4 from downtown. Almost nothing comes easy on this team on offence, ever. While on the other end, they only stop teams with extrordinary efforts from individuals, there's rarly a feeling of futility for the other team.

The Horses are there now. Even the bench os ok if utilized. Toronto's coaching is a problem, and I've personally seen enough to beleive that now. I could argue last year that they hadn't the depth in the paint, well they have that now, and they also are free from a pG contrversy that was really hard to ignore. Watching Orlando add that secong pick to thier screen and roll to free Nelson up all night, and never have one adjustment to stop it was hard, watching 3 "shooters actually stand in one spot for 15 seconds while the big played post-repost on the left block is horrid, you wonder why we hate Kapono and pArker...well part of it is that they are being set up to fail. I'd be very surprised if Mitchell made it to Christmas if they don't start winning, and doing it easily. Sometimes a coach and a team need to part ways. Perhaps it's time in Toronto.
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