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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
nice work mike. i can't believe you didn't understand the main point of this thread. how is that even possible? smh...

it's not that someone thinks the poster has a disability that is the problem, it is that by using the word you are transferring stigma to the person you want to insult, thereby reinforcing that stigma. the issue is a social one and a structural one, not a problem with insults.

insults are against the rules here. that is one thing. but this post is a plea, not an instruction, and that plea is to understand the power of that word, socially, and what it does to people with disabilities. it is exactly like the word nigger, or kike, or fag, and i ask that you not use it for the exact reason that you don't use those other words.

you were censored for insulting a member, not for using the word retard. and that you have failed to understand that, both when it happened and was explained, and now, is amazing.
And I've seen other members being "insulted" with other words and the posts not being removed because...? Or maybe it does matter which insult is being used? And, just to be clear, it's OK for a member to insult a player because, presumably, the player does not read these boards, and yet it's not OK for a member to insult another member because he does? 'Cause that makes me shake my head.

As for the "socially acceptable" versus "socially unacceptable" - I thought it has already been illustrated here how fluid the social acceptance is and how it's even circular over the years with certain words gaining stigma and then losing it again. Hence my points about the intent of the use of the word.
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