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Originally Posted by LX View Post
You are bringing up censorship why exactly Mike? You are the one calling for "pylon" to be censored. Nobody is censoring the use of the word retard.

If someone directly refers to someone as a "retard" for doing something they disapprove of, they directly show disrespect towards that person, but they obviously also indirectly show disrespect for people with Down's Syndrome. There is no disrespect for pylons as far as I can ascertain.

Personally. I had a bit of a problem with Tarantino's use of language. It was correct to be historically accurate, but his film was not all that historically acurate, and the language was used more in a sensationalist manner as a whole. The film was a whole lot of noise without much meaning once it got past the halfway mark. Sadly that's about the acceptable extent to which race can be discussed, even while presenting a narrative about slavery. And that whole situation is completely different from the simple respect being requested for people that can offer a lot to all our lives while they come up against disadvantages that many times society unnecessarily magnifies, including through the use of - yes - words. You complain of having gone through a process of being diminished by the state, and yet dismiss how a culture can diminish people that they feel do not deserve the respect required to be included in that culture.
I never called for the censorship. Jeff (and others) called Calderon a pylon, I've retaliated by calling Jeff a retard, my post was removed (after reading this thread I know why) and his wasn't. THAT was my problem. If Jeff didn't mean that Calderon is an orange cone, I didn't mean that Jeff is somehow developmentally-challenged.

Your position is that pylons as a group cannot read and thus cannot be offended by Calderon being called a pylon, while people with certain disabilities would get offended by me calling Jeff a retard. I counter that there is an equal chance of a pylon reading these boards and of anyone thinking for one second that I believe Jeff to be really mentally retarded. The intent, see, the intent.

I've brought up a totalitarian society as an example of prolonged and largely failed censorship experiment. Their attempts to diminish their people weren't particularly successful, you know.
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