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Originally Posted by Chiggmo View Post
OH GOD ONLY WHITE PEOPLE GOT THE JOBS! THE LEAGUES RACIST! No... You ever think they were the best candidates? Skin color has nothing to do with anything. (Before making another dumb assumption, I'm talking about present day, not the passed when the world actually still held a ton of racism).

I never suggested anything either, don't make your assumptions of something I didn't even remotely suggest.

This rule basically suggests if too many people hire a white you coach, then you're going to have to hire a black coach just because. The rule is trash, and so is anyone who thinks they pick a coach based on race.

A GM is going to hire a coach that they feel is going to do the best job with the team they have currently assembled, and with where they are going. Not because he black, white, Mexican, or whatever else.

Garbage like this is what reinforces racism in peoples minds, not make it go away. If you don't agree, good for you.
Where did I say anything about the league being racist? You don't have to be a racist to be effected by bias. And people Do exhibit a bias. Even today. You need a policy that ensures a level playing field and an equal opportunity, otherwise the bias of hiring those more like one's self takes over. And no you don't hire anyone just because. That's a knee-jerk reaction that misrepresents the policy. You make sure that qualifications come to bear above and beyond all else, and if the numbers of hirings don't match representation in the population, you have pretty clear evidence of that not being done.

It's hardly garbage. It's an unmitigated success. As is the case with the US military, various police forces, government agencies of all kinds, and on and on. What century are you living in?
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