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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
If you would like to point out where there is any comparison made then I would gladly abide. And you merely prove my point Milk - Pop doesn't need the tremendous team that ToRap alludes to in order to stick to his principles. It's simply how good teams operate. If you would like to explain how criticizing Mitchell for what great coaches do is in any way fair, I'm all ears.

Hubie Brown made a nice comment last night (and I can't wait for you to bitch about blasphemous comparisons again Milk). While working the LA v Detroit game, he said that Phil likely looked at Detroit's good start as something that the team could weather, and that he would be telling his team to "stay patient and stick to their game".
When you say that the things that Sam do make popovic a great coach, you kind of imply that. My point is that you can't use popovic to validate anything Sam does, even if they do the same thing, they probably have different reasons ...

Going back to the topic, I don't know whether he should or shouldn't stick to a principle - there is probably no inherent good or bad in either approach. But I believe sticking to a system, doesn't mean you never change ANYTHING. If you have a mismatch, you exploit it, if a player is hot, you ride it. If something doesn't work in a particular game, you stop doing it.

I agree that when a proven tactic doesn't work because of the randomness of the game (open shots don't fall, botched layups etc), you should continue with it. But when your tactic doesn't work because the other team has a successful counter for it, it's kind of stupid to keep doing it, don't you think?
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