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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Oh I wasn't suggesting that there was viciousness attached to it. But to me, suggesting they were mock boos means that they weren't buying into the whole promotion and didn't really care. SJ is right. People were having a good time. But there's too much of an effort to make their good time about something besides the game, and there's no getting around how pathetic that is, along with all the noise and jumping like monkeys while some flunky holds out a t-shirt covered with corporate advertising. That noise is real, as is the disappointment among some when the flunky doesn't toss it in their direction.

Friday nights are particularly bad for the game being almost secondary. I've seen some of those where it is secondary among far too many in the crowd. There's an idea that loud city is all about making noise, and there's no real need to have the noise directed towards the game. I find it annoying and distracting much of the time, and in the past I did allow myself to stand up and see if I could snag a t-shirt before they required everyone to shriek and jump for a full minute. It's just too much, and too pathetic. I only hope that the team reaches a level where there can be a definitive shift in people's attention.

As for he pizza promotion, it's a little too easy to hold teams under 100. Keeping them under 90 would work well and keep people tuned into a decent team achievement regardless of the outcome.
it's supposed to be entertainment, 70% if not more of the going fans are not hardcore fans, a large number are probably not even casual fans. Lots of families with young kids go and they're mostly doing it for the show. And winning will only change it for the worse.

as far as the promotion goes, the average family will spend $300 or more going to a game, do you honestly think they are so stupid to really get pissed for losing a $2.50 slice? I would be shocked if you could find 50 people in the whole arena who even remotely care about it.
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