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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
Moiso had plenty of time as did Woods. Hell they were part of the infamous Sam Mitchell speech of 0-0-0-0. Cook wasn't and NBA basketball player; Barret neither and Pape Sow had the opportunity to play and was given it. He was just raw. All the players were given NBA time, none of them developed because they weren't good enough for NBA ball.

Again, I look at our veterans on our team, and that's why I would bring in Ukic. T2T alluded to it earlier, Jose was forced to play alot of minutes but we brought in Darrick Martin specifically to help Jose because Martin could speak Spanish. What was the first thing Jose did when he sat on the bench? Sat next to Martin and learned the game. Martin had a HUGE influence on Jose learning the NBA game. Now that we have the luxury of having two starting PG's the sam could happen for Ukic. Sit beside Martin and learn the game. Yeah, you might not get the minutes, but Peja Stojakovic in his first year didn't get the minutes but learned (just throwing out an example). Hell, with Ukic's size he could probably split time at the one and the two.

I understand that, the third string position is not that big a deal, but looking long term I'd rather have my inexperienced players learning the system and the plays before they are actually meant to make a difference 1-2 years down the road.
Those sound like excuses to me... none of those names got the minutes that Jose did... and granted they may not have the game to begin with but they obviously didn't develop any sitting on the bench most games either.

The line on Roko is that he isnt' ready for primetime and all the street clothed sermons by DMart in the world aren't going to make him ready. He's raw and his jump shot is suspect at best...he needs playing time. My read on Colangelo i s that if he ever does decide to ship off Jose, Roko will be over before Jose's locker chair gets cold..but not before.
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