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In going through all of the teams, these are the only guys I think that are worth mentioning in terms of being elite defensive players on the perimeter against positions 1-3:

Avery Bradley
Luol Deng
Paul George
Luc Mbah a Moute
Lebron James
Thabo Sefolosha
Andre Iguodala
Tony Allen
Iman Shumpert

With regard to the other names mentioned:

MWP cant guard quicker players. He succeeds vs the bulkier type SG/SFs, but cant guard quicker guards/forwards, especially ones who run a lot of screen roll. MWP is best in isolations where he can body the offensive player, but if that player makes a quick move and doesnt play around with the ball, they can take MWP off the dribble.

Kawhi was average defensively last year. His team defence is better than his man to man defence. The stats show this and in watching the games you can see this as well. Hes not physical enough and still has to get more experienced before he becomes a lockdown guy. I think most Spurs fans will tell you that SJax is a better perimeter defender currently.

Nic Batum is severely overrated defensively. Hes average at best. He should be a LOT better than he is given his length, quickness, and athletic ability.

DWade coasts on defence in a lot of games, and even in the playoffs he didnt impress me last year. Hes a good defensive player, but he often struggles against quicker players now that hes lost a step.

Battier has lost a big step. Mbah A Moute was taking him off the dribble with ease yesterday. He should no longer be in this discussion.

If I had to rank my top 5 currently, it would be:

1. Iguodala
2. T Allen
3. Mbah A Moute
4. Sefolosha
5. Shumpert

I think in 2 years time that Shumpert will be considered the best perimeter defender in the NBA. He already showed that hes capable of staying in front of, and locking down the likes of Rose and DWade in his rookie season. And he does it without hand checking, and bodying, but instead using his feet, quicks, and smarts to deny the offensive player his next move and force a worse counter move thats easier to recover to.

I dont put Lebron in my top 5 because of the amount of bumping and fouling hes allowed to get away with because hes in bed with the refs. Hes overrated defensively because hes allowed to get away with more. And I think Mbah A Moute guards the 1-4 better than he does anyway. I've seen Luc Richard guard everyone from PGs to Lebron to Bosh and he does an amazing job. He doesnt get the credit he deserves playing in Milwaukee.
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