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The main problem with Lowry is he's absolutely a win now player

But to call the Raptors a team who should be in win now position is badly misdiagnosing things. Yes, after 5 years out of the playoffs and 2 all out tank seasons, we should be ready to be good, right? But it doesn't work that way. The problem is we have a terrible GM. We are in upcoming cap hell and nobody but Lowry is a legitimate starting caliber player. BC put his eggs into two extremely flawed talents in Demar and Bargnani. Once it's accepted those guys aren't starters, the team just has nothing else proven going for it. Neither Valanciunas or Davis have proven themselves to be more than hustle players yet. The SF position is LOL. Ross is a project. This team has bottom 5 talent and is capped out and has no draft pick this year. This is not a situation you retool into a playoff team, it's one you blow up.

Blame BC. Blame him for totally failing to use capspace effectively. While teams like the Cavaliers and Rockets have used it to stockpile draft picks and assets and then patiently strike at FAs in HOU's case, BC spent all of it on bench players like Kleiza, Amir, Bargs, Derozan, Fields, etc. Blame BC for in all liklihood, refusing to trade for Lowry just for the price of an 8 to 18 fall when Houston was stockpiling picks, eventually trading a more valuable future pick, just because he wanted to sign a 38 year old Nash to save his job instead. Blame BC for taking one of the worst 1st overall picks ever, getting nothing of value in return for his superstar asset in Chris Bosh, for emptying the bank for an overpaid JO. Blame BC for giving Demar and Bargnani a crippling 40-50 million each just for chucking up inefficient shots on a bad team, mainly because they were BC's draft picks and his boys. Blame ownership for creating a culture where GMs are evaluated on how quickly they make the playoffs after getting hired. The result of all this is a team that will likely be out of the playoffs for at least a 7+ year drought, which is an embarrassment. The Raptors got the same treatment JFJ did to the Leafs, the difference is BC is a master of snake oil and working the mic to make it seem like he's not completley out of his element. BC is as bad a GM as Bush was a president and to quote Chris Rock, Bush was as bad at being president as you and I will ever be at anything. When BC leaves if this team wants to make the playoffs before 2018 they need to blow up his mess as soon as possible like the Leafs did JFJ's, start the long process of getting him of his bad contracts and start acting with a plan and vision in regards to assets and team building

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