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Originally Posted by Ball Don't Lie View Post
This organization is such a joke if this is true. A few games won against undermanned, or crappy teams does not make this Joses team. It still amazes me how much our fans and media overreact to one game or a stretch of games and put the blinders on. I used to too, but now I see through the organizations BS and call it like it is. If we end up getting jack all for Jose this year, and Lowry next year, then whats the point in following the team? They clearly have no aspirations to win, so why bother as fans to spend our money when the organization isnt even trying to win?
BC looking to shop Lowry might be true, but I'd be surprised if it had anything to do with Jose and his play recently. I would say the more likely explanations:

1. Lowry being a malcontent in the lockerroom. Either calling out the coach, other players calling out him, etc. Raptors have proven to have zero tolerance for players stepping out of line, ie James Johnson

2. Trading Lowry is probably the right move anyways. This team really has two logical actions to take this summer, either give Lowry a huge extension or trade him. Playing Lowry on a 1 yr deal would be a terrible decision. If he doesn't take an extension we have to treat it as if he's leaving the next summer, which in all liklihood he wants to, Lowry is an uber competitive guy who likely wants to spend his best years on a playoff team. The thing is though that I wouldn't even want to give him a max extension anyways. That's locking ourselves down to a bad, mediocre team with tons of heavy contracts, plus Lowry in no way is worth the max. On top of all this is the Wiggins factor. A Canadian prospect being ranked as undisputed #1, future superstar type of guy in his draft, is literally once in a lifetime type of event. Ownership likely knows that if they get Wiggins and he has a career somewhere between Durant and Carmelo, the financial implications would be insane. Even if finishing dead last only gives the team a 25% chance at 1st overall, one has to think if there's any season ownership wants to tank as hard as possible, it's next year

So if the team is fairly committed to trading Lowry next summer, why not do it now? Lowry's value will be higher at the deadline than next summer and then they get to tank for a top 3 pick the rest of this year to draft Anthony Bennett, who doesn't have the hype of Wiggins but could still end up 1st-3rd overall this draft in a 2006 year with a bunch of equally ranked players. Personally he reminds me of Larry Johnson and even Charles Barkley-lite - I could see BC selling MLSE that he indeed sees Bennett as a future perennial all-star and huge money making machine for him as a Canadian Raptors superstar, and if they happen to get both Wiggins and Bennett, even better. Trading Lowry could also help the Raptors get Bennett by giving them assets, like maybe they could have a plan where they get a few draft pick from Utah (GSW 1st, UTA 1st) for Lowry at the deadline, then eventually trade Davis for a lottery pick, then if Bennett falls to 5-8, combine everything to move up. If BC can secure Bennett and tells them 'now we're going to get Wiggins too' it might be enough for ownership to extend him a year

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