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Originally Posted by LX View Post
But Pau as been in decline for a couple of years now. I'd be happy to see Bargnani go, and could try to see how they could go forward with Pau, but mostly it seems like a high risk without so much of a high reward to go with it.
Pau's been pretty solid for the last 3 years before this one... not sure if I'd write him off as "declining" yet.

Originally Posted by JoeyJoJo Shabbadu View Post
Fuck sakes. I write one line about cousins in 100 and you go mental.

Don't tell me what I'm doing, I'm not looking at numbers. I'm telling you Pau plays the trianlge offense which we do not. And we can't. I'm telling you he plays with KOBE FUCKING BRYANT and his numbers look better than they would here. And you're being the biggest donkey ever right now if you think Gasol is our savour.

I wonder if you even watch sometimes.
Yes, I went mental... because your suggestion was idiotic. Cousins is an absolute cancer (regardless of his potential)... a PROVEN CANCER who's difficult to control at the best of times and you want to bring him here where we have a coach who's still learning and a young team without a strong veteran presence?

GREAT plan.

Pau is a great passer so yes, ANY offense which emphasizes passing will help his game... but at the end of the day he's a premiere PF. Has been for years. His last 2 years in MEM his numbers were actually pretty close to what they've been in L.A.... and guess what? They didn't use the triangle offense there! OMG!

I also LOL'd at Kobe Bryant "helping" Pau's game... please... if anything it was the other way around.

Gasol isn't a saviour. He's not going to make this team a title contender.

What he WILL do is make this a playoff team, bring some leadership and experience in and give us A LEGIT POST PRESENCE WHICH WE DON'T HAVE. Figured I'd capitalize that since you continue to ignore that key point.

Ed and Amir cannot be relied upon to get you 20pts/night. You can't give them the ball late in games in the post and ask them to create something.

These are things that Pau (or any star PF) can do.

Get it?
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