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ESPN Trade debates: Who stays, who goes?

3. The Raptors should trade Andrea Bargnani.
A. Agree strongly.
B. Agree somewhat.
C. Disagree somewhat.
D. Disagree strongly.

Ford: A. Agree strongly. Bargnani has been an example of a player whose team internally values him more than other teams have for years. This has been Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo's project and after years of false starts, it's pretty clear he will never live up to his promise. I don't think there's any team dying to take on his deal, but if the Raptors are willing to offer some of their young players in return, the equation may change quickly.

Ham: B. Agree somewhat. Bargnani is talented, but he really needs the right situation to flourish, and I'm not sure he can find that again in Toronto. The Raptors have compiled some nice complementary pieces in Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Jonas Valanciunas, but Bargnani isn't a franchise guy, and you have to wonder if both the team and the player in this situation wouldn't benefit greatly from a change.

McGowan: A. Agree strongly. Bargnani seems to have openly quit on his team, but who wants to pay $23 million over the next two seasons for an inefficient power forward who can't guard anyone? The Raptors might have to package him with a more enticing asset if they want to get rid of him.

Schmidt: C. Disagree somewhat. His value will never be lower. If he can be a part of a larger deal, such as one that could bring in a Gasol, then sure, let him go. But don't just punt Bargs for the sake of starting over. This season is a loss anyway, so the Raptors might as well let him try to boost his value.

Soriano: A. Agree strongly. While still young, Bargnani's game has plateaued in Toronto. Also, his poor defense and single-focused offensive approach require too specific a team to surround him, but he's not elite enough to justify being a building block who shapes their roster construction. A change of scenery would do both sides some good.
Also a mention of TRoss and JV for AV

2. The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Varejao.
A. Agree strongly.
B. Agree somewhat.
C. Disagree somewhat.
D. Disagree strongly.

Ford: A. Agree strongly. Sell high. Varejao is playing like an All-Star this year and he has stayed healthy. A number of teams in contention, led once again by the Timberwolves, are in the hunt for him. The Cavs want multiple young assets or draft picks back in return. Again, I don't see a perfect fit. The Bucks are a possibility, as they have a number of interesting young bigs. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Raptors go after him as well. They have a number of interesting young players (Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross anyone?) and the rumblings out of Toronto sound as though it needs to start winning now.

Ham: A. Agree strongly. This is a tough one. Varejao is having a career year at age 30, which tells you to sell, sell, sell. But stripping Kyrie Irving of his only true post presence may have lasting effects. At the end of the day, the Cavs should be able to land a long-term solution at one of their glaring positions of need for an aging, injury-prone center playing well above his ability.

McGowan: B. Agree somewhat. In a vacuum, the Cavs should unload Varejao, whose stock will never be higher, but it's going to be difficult for them to get something close to equal value in return. Nearly all of the title contenders that desire Varejao's services are devoid of the young talent and/or lottery picks that Cavs GM Chris Grant covets.

Schmidt: A. Agree strongly. Embrace a rebuild. Don't hang on to assets too long. Of course Varejao makes them a better team, but does he make them a playoff team? Obviously not. Sell high and get something in return, be that a pick or a prospect. Whomever they get, he'll help them in four years more than Varejao.

Soriano: C. Disagree somewhat. Not only is his contract great, but there are few big men who defend and clean the glass like Varejao. The Cavs would be wise to keep him and those skills on their team. However, if they're blown away by an offer, his injury history and age should be reasons to consider a deal that helps accelerate their rebuilding.
NBA - Debating the future of five trade targets - ESPN
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