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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
I don't think you know my posting history here. I've been against Drummond since, I want to say February of 2011. I think more individuals read NBAdraft.net and see the comparison (hence why I read Amare so much) and think, oh he's a steal. Why? (Not to you right now), but why? Did you watch him in college or on youtube? Did you only read about him on the internet? Are mock drafts gospel? THAT'S what drives me crazy about Drummond. Everyone watched his highlight reel and read his player comparisons and then think they know better than evaluators during draft time! (/rant)

In regards to the question, it's a question that can always be asked of any player. It's disingenuous to do this early into anyone's career because we don't have enough of a body work to judge from. Everything's in the realm of possibility. This is attempting to search for a story when one doesn't exist (yet).

This is what drives me crazy about our fan base, unrealistic expectations, and when they aren't met, we need to evaluate. No one thought JV was a messiah (as your thread title insinuated), at least not this season. A 20 y.o. centre, in his first year in the NBA, adapting to a new culture, will take, at minimum 2 years before providing tangible results. Patience is a virtue.
I'm not one of those guys going crazy by reading draftnet. I thought your frustration was geared towards me just for the fact that I raised that question. Nonetheless, he has certainly caught many by surprise thus far. He's still quite raw offensively but has done fairly well in his limited action. I wouldn't characterize the question as disingenuous because the fact of the matter is it doesn't ask the reader to provide an answer at the present time. It simply asks what if thatís the case down the road. I'm not implying that's going to happen, but if it does, it would definitely be a huge oversight on our part and can have repercussions for the franchise. I didn't insinuate anything nor am I judging his future career. I even mentioned that it's way too early to write him off defensively. BC has hyped this kid up as to one day assume the mantle as our franchise player. I'm merely raising a discussion based on his opinion/expectation, which I think is completely fair.
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