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lots of material today...

A piece of cake
We lose. Trap game.
Easy night for Harden. Not offensively, but defensively. Parsons can guard Derozan while Harden gets Pietrus. Pietrus has never been a volume scorer or a shot creator and he's well past his prime. Harden will practically be able to play safety.

Patterson needs to box Davis out. When Kleiza comes into the game, Parsons can shut him down too. God, I love Parsons. Play lots of pick and roll and let's get this over with by the end of three quarters.
Nothing to worry about. easy win
easy win
I wonder if McHale will ask Lowry how his ass tastes.
don't even understand how this can be a trap game. Raptors suck as a team, yes. and only mediocre individually. they don't even play defense. it's not even going to be close unless our coaching staff fux things up again. btw, Derozon isn't a pg. and Lin will eat Lowry up, again. Lowry is shorter, slower, and doesn't play defense as well as Lin.
Houston Rockets forward Patrick Patterson had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test performed Saturday morning.

Results of the MRI revealed a bone bruise in Patterson's right foot. Patterson will be out while further testing is conducted and a medical course of action is determined.

Rookie forward Terrence Jones is expected to be recalled from Houston's D-League affilliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, and to be with the team tomorrow in time for their Sunday afternoon game against the Toronto Raptors.
Trap game.

Jose Calderon's trade value is being showcased while Kyle Lowry is injured (again!), so point guard defense is going to be key.

I also hope that Ed Davis 20+ point game with Bargs out was a fluke.

Trap game. Why must it be a trap game.
I think most Raptors fans would agree with you. This has been something they've been grousing about for years, is that they are literally a worse team with Andrea Bargnani on the floor, while Ed Davis has stayed buried.

And the last coach who benched Bargnani was fired by Colangelo, so their new one is too chicken to do it himself. That whole franchise is a mess, but that sort of paves the way for a "proving a point" game by the Raptors, who are fresh from blowing out Dallas.
The Raptors are a better team without Bargnani, though.

Whatever they thought was once commendable about a slow, gawky big who shoots threes has dimmed over time given how he makes Patterson look like Rodman on the glass and is little more than a traffic cone on defense.

As far as Calderon goes, he has already demanded a trade, to the surprise of absolutely nobody who follows basketball. He is therefore being heavily showcased again during this mysterious Lowry "injury" period, and will play with a chip on his shoulder.

There is also the early Sunday game phenomenon, when better-on-paper teams tend to lay an egg.

Trap game.
I would sit both Lin/Harden, it's against the Raptors for God sakes!!!! This game ain't even worth watching unless you like exhibition/practice games...
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