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Default The frustration of Bargnani "We are the worst in the NBA"

La frustrazione di Bargnani, "Siamo i peggiori della Nba" - La Gazzetta dello Sport

Google Translated:
The Wizard is unleashed: "I'll be out at least three weeks. Located in Toronto, the situation is desperate: they are 4 years that we continue to lose. Rumors market?
If I change the city will play elsewhere if I have to stay I will. It 's my job '

The injury, the hardship of Toronto, the rumors in the background with the rumors of his transfer to the Lakers. Andrea Bargnani tells all his frustration to a season that began with so many expectations but it soon took a turn for the worse for his Raptors, the second worst NBA team with a record of 4 wins and 19 losses (only Washington did worse) and capable losing 12 of their last 13 games. And he, more in the line of fire of criticism, which is traveling at 16 points and 4.4 rebounds in equality, its worst figures since 2008-09. The downside is the latest tear to the ligament of the right elbow and stretching his right wrist that does not allow him to return to the field before 2013.

Andrea, what are your physical condition?
"I'm not the best. I had a nasty fall in the game against Portland. I was lucky not to break anything, but there is a partial tear of the ligament of the elbow, which was injured. It 'something that will require a little' time "

What are the expected recovery time?
"There are no exact dates to be seen day after day how it goes. Hard to say now when I go back in the field. Certainly be more than three weeks, I will do other controls in ten days."

He was hurt in a negative moment, both team and personal: what's happening?
"It did not work anything from the beginning of the season. We pretty much the worst NBA team. The summer market was made to build a winning team, but we are not winning. We are below all expectations. Nobody is used to playing with anyone. We won 4 games: it's a tragic thing, from whatever side you look at it is a desperate situation. 4 years that I keep losing. To improve the only thing for now is to win and we did not. "

Its performance depends on what?
"Goes hand in hand with that of the team. Many ups and downs, even though I was traveling at 17-18 points per game. Yet the personal performance is irrelevant in a situation like this. Could easily do 50 points race and the frustration would be identical. If you're in a team that loses in this way, what you do matters relatively. ".

You hear the scapegoat for the situation in Toronto?
"This is not the first time I've criticized. When things go well, the stronger becomes the most valuable, when they go wrong the people who have the pressure on him must indicate someone to put the blame, even to lighten their position. But it does not affect me even remotely. "

Wednesday against Brooklyn did not play, but this was the first home game after a long series of journeys, he expected to be booed?
"When we're down by 10-15 points is a bit 'of a challenge, but about the team. Though I do not play one against five: those whistles can not be addressed only to me."

There are so many rumors concerning him.
"Exchanges are not something you can control. Obviously I hear the voices: If you should happen, it will happen.'m Ready for any eventuality. But I have no say in the matter: it is not that I can call a team rather than another, or say to My agent where I want to go. It 's all in the hands of the manager, so I did not touch at all. I play basketball, if I have to play in another city I'll go elsewhere, if I stay here I'll be in Toronto. E' a job. "More than me is not a center like Howard to the team: if the Raptors lost every year is a problem for most people

They are often referred to the Lakers in his possible destinations: What do you think of the system D'Antoni?
"I've never played, so I do not know what to think. Surely at this time is not working very well. E 'a team that has many problems, but were also unlucky because they play without point guard. Both Nash that Blake are made OK, so playing on the third play and this is a very big damage in any system. "

A Los Angeles is playing with Dwight Howard, a dominant center that perhaps is not in the course of his career.
"I'm doing my career and I have improved every year. Rather than me is not the team, if I play good or bad of my business, but if the Toronto Raptors lost every year is a problem for most people."

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