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Originally Posted by LX View Post
He's one-dimensional, and that one dimension can't even be relied on. He misses a ton of open shots, whether he creates them or not. He really needs to be able to create something for others to look at all worthwhile. Or he could play fully engaged on both ends like he did for 13 games. The fact that he tends to do it for about 13 games or less just makes him a drag on his team. And largely very inefficient.
I disagree, he's very versatile, the problem with him was always focus and intensity, not skill. At various times in his career he's shown he can be an excellent post defender, average defensive rebounder (he had seasons with 5+ defensive rebounds per game which is about average for a PF/C), he can create his own shot from the mid/low post, he can be deadly on P&R and he's a good, although very streaky 3pt shooter. And he can block some shots too. The only things he can't do (and he really, really sucks at them) is P&R defense, help defense and proper rotation and offensive rebounding.

The problem this year, besides the drop in his intensity, is that he's badly misutilized. On D, he's being asked to chase pg on the perimeter and he just sucks at that. The theory was that it will keep him engaged like that, but it doesn't appear to be working. Now he's constantly out of position and not only he's almost useless at trapping, but he's always far from the basket which affects his defensive rebounding and shot blocking (while giving him a minor bonus in steals)

Offensively, he's back to his rookie years, hovering on the perimeter and rarely getting to his sweep spots on offense. Not sure if that's his choice or casey's, but it's not working either. May be beneficial for demar/lowry, which was the theory I heard, but it's definitely bad for him.

Now, it's conceivable, maybe not very likely, but conceivable, that in the right system, with the right coach and a proper role, he may thrive. Keep him closer to the basket at both ends, teach him some basic rules for when to help and when to stick (it can't be that hard to grasp that - it's not rocket science) and light a fire under his ass. A guy like SVG, Riley or Phil Jackson would be ideal - somebody with authority and strong will.

To say he's not a good player it's just not true. He may play badly now, but he is still only 27 and maybe a change of scenery would revive his career. The problem is that everybody knows we want to get rid of him and the offers we're getting are probably pathetic right now. Our best chance is for the Lakers to keep struggle even when Nash returns, they will be forced to make a move then. We don't need gasol, but a 3-team trade could net us some nice assets in return.
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