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For all the talk about culture and analytics our rotations sure our funny. Demar and Bargnani lead the team in minutes and are 8th and 10th in WS/48. Davis and Amir are essentially 2nd and 3rd in WS/48 if you don't count Acy and are 6th and 7th in total MP. Amir Johnson is also DOMINATING the team in +/- stats (they are +17 with him on the court according to 82games) and is playing 21mpg off the bench

Maybe one of the reasons this team is broken is a warped sense of who its best players are. We have two guys in Demar and Bargnani "leading" the team which almost all modern ways of measuring players say aren't starting caliber. Even if you ignore the stats, here's my unofficial way of telling how good a player is. Pretend you are an elite team, like the Thunder, Spurs, Grizzlies, etc. Which players do you think would contribute most to those teams

Lowry would be a great fit for those teams due to his penetration, IQ and competitiveness, rebounding, etc.

Amir Johnson could contribute to any elite team in the league. Every team can use a rebounder, smart pick and roll defender, pick and roll offensive player/finisher, etc.

Calderon might be a useable backup PG for those teams and they'd welcome his IQ and shooting. However the thought of Calderon playing defense a playoff series might scare some teams away. Probably contributes but not as much as Lowry and Amir

Bargnani would have a hard time contributing to an elite team. In the regular season he's a solid bet as 6th man stretching the floor and giving the team a new look. However in the playoffs when entire seasons rest on attention to detail and minute plays, putting up with his D and rebounding may not be worth it even off the bench

Demar wouldn't get provide anything for those teams. He's a SG who can't hit 3s and sucks at defense. There wouldn't enough shots for him to be more than a 9ppg .52 TS% guy so what's the point? He gives them nothing new. I think Demar even provides less than Bargs. Bargs at least provides something (shooting/spacing) while no good team should have a use for what Demar does.

I have little doubt in my mind that an elite team would rather play Amir than Bargnani or Demar. So why do we think a bad team can use them any more than Amir? Amir is the 2nd best player on this team. The 3rd and 4th best are probably Calderon and Ed. Bargs and Demar are overpaid crap. The Demar thing is the most striking. He hasn't been above 15 PER his entire career, he hasn't been above 3.3 WS his 2nd season, which is about a replacement player's grade. He's been on pace for that over 82 games the last 3 seasons. He's a SG who's below average at his position in shooting, passing, dribbling, finishing and defending. He's a SG who doesn't hit 3s, which means his "spacing value" is negative and hurts an offense. He doesn't pass the "would an elite team have use for him" test at all. Demar sucks and the fact that we treat him like a franchise player is embarrasing, he shouldn't even be starting

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