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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
last time we got such a beating, as far as I remember, was a few years ago in Atlanta, in CB's last season here. After that game, we went through a really nice stretch and eventually we got back to a few games over .500 until things went down the toilet again after Bosh got injured.

I wonder if history will repeat itself, just like then, we're following with a b2b on the road and I think we won both those games.

Looking at the schedule, things will really get easier now and would be really nice if we could win 6 or 7 of our next 8 games if we can win these next 2 games. LA sometimes struggles with bad teams and they'll be on a B2B and Portland is a winnable game too, even on a b2b.

Not saying is likely, and it definitely won't happen if keep playing like we did recently. But, if Utah's game is a wake up call for us, this is the time to make our stand. Because this next stretch is our last chance to do something this season, if we don't win at least 5, ideally more, our season is over.
There are a few similarities between this team and that 2009-2010 season but there are also some important differences. That was the year of the "to all the doubters" thread. Maybe if we beat Indiana on opening night we would have had another one.

That thumping to Atlanta came at the 20 game mark too, which is an interesting coincidence. But it put the Raps at 7-13, so they were doing better than this year. But, yeah, with the exception of opening night, the team looked bad at times during the first 20 games and people were panicking big time. Our defense was dead last in the league. It was awful. And it stayed that way, despite the huge winning streak.

That season we had a prized new player (Turkoglu) and a rookie (Derozan) in the starting lineup. Deja vu, eh?

The Raps did have a team meeting after the loss to Atlanta. I think the meeting occured before the beginning of the next game, though. Then they pulled out a big OT win against Washington, who had its own problems. It was an intense game, because the Wizards were also underachieving and had big hopes that year. After that win, the Raps completely stomped Chicago. Like just pounded them badly. Interestingly enough, Chicago would also turn their season around and eventually take the last playoff spot from the Raps after Bosh got hurt.

Anyway, in the following 35 games, they went 24-11, to put them at 31-24 after 55 games. They were challenging for the 4th seed. We do not have a Bosh level player beasting with an efficient 24 ppg. The reason the Raps racked up all those easy wins against the weaker teams was because the offense was very, very good. They had more than enough playmaking, between Jose, Jack and Turkoglu and they shot the ball extremely well from 3 point land. And they also got to the line frequently. It all added up to a top 5 offense.

This team still doesn't have an identity like that one did. At least that team knew it could score a shitload of points, especially against bad teams. What does this year's team do really well, aside from lose close games to mediocre teams? For this team to rack up a bunch of wins, the defense probably has to improve a bajillion percent, or Bargnani has to flip a switch and go into god mode (highly unlikely).
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