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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
Fuckin' ridiculous. Neither has produced one win. The team has produced 4 wins....the end. You win and lose as a team. Chris Paul the last couple years in New Orleans couldn't carry his team to success and he's the best PG in the NBA. You have to be a healthy team and have to have talent/depth. Are you another one of these dingbats that only watches one position thinking that that position alone gets you wins? The last 4 years with Jose Calderon starting has been a disaster, is he the sole reason we've been a losing team, no but is he a major contributor abso-fuckin-lutely. And to throw a guy under the bus that has played 14 games total for us and is a far better all round PG just to justify your love for a player that while yes has some good atributes also has massive holes in his game, especially on D is just ridiculous.

Totally missing my point man - I'm not surprised. It's a protypical response I've come to expect from you whenever one of your views towards this team is challenged. You took my comment completely out of context to try and defend yourself and Lowry again. What else is new? Obviously one player can't produce a Win all by himself, no matter what team sport we're talking about. I've played competitive hockey all my life including D1 in the US - I understand the concept of a team, you "dingbat".
I'd also like to note that you proved my point correct re: shitting on Jose's skills and implying Lowry is a better fit for this team based on his skillset. What are you basing your opinion on? It sure as hell can't be helping this young team find a way to win, because I will again note that he has HELPED this young team earn just two wins thus far. Again obviously Lowry isn't SOLEY responsible for those wins - I figured you'd be smart enough to understand that I wasn't suggesting that. Even though he goes into hero mode at times he isn't capable of individually propeling his teams to victory. Jose isn't either, obviously. Their games are different but again, to beat this line into the ground, we've netted an equal two wins apiece when they've started.
With respect to your comment about me throwing Lowry under the bus: I'm sorry but 14 games when you are a 26 year-old veteran is plenty of time to prove yourself so I refuse to take that shit as an excuse.

I want to reiterate that my intention here wasn't to instigate the Jose vs. Lowry debate. Jose has been struggling lately and I'll be the first to admit it. He needs to figure shit out - the team needs him. I just think he takes too much criticism on this board, when, in my opinion, it's totally unwarranted.
Fact a) this team's problems lie on the defensive end

Fact b) this team plays better defence with Lowry than Jose and this is based on viewing games not some mindless stat.

Fact c) games that have been close have been more due to Lowry than Jose Manuel Calderon since this "hero mode" actually works as he gets to the line and makes the shots at an excellent clip
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