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Originally Posted by The MVP of West Hollywood View Post
Burke is 50x better than BC. Look at where Burke started and look at where he is now. Far more talent, young players, excellent cap flexibility (they will be in great position to sign Getzlaf next summer). The Leafs had nothing when he started but Schenn and now they have lots of things

BC is the inverse of Burke. He started with a lot of talent and pieces in Bosh, #1 pick, Charlie, etc. and by the 4 year mark (2010) had almost no blue chip young players or capspace

BC is an entire different galaxy of terrible than Brian Burke. He doesn't deserve to get Brian Burke's coffee
interesting points. I disagree with you on a few things, but for the most part i agree that Colangelo has been a bigger failure than burke if you look at where they are now. You're too high on Burke though. For one i don't see the cap flexibility at all. They dont' have much wiggle room at all. Cap wise craps and leafs are around the same. Burke's kessel trade also was a pretty big step back in hindsight. Still i do agree that he's since biult a pretty nice core of good young players and they are better set up going forward while they may be a bit away. by the way i made a thread about the same issue in the other sports thread.

Raptors while they have a couple good pieces have a rotten core. Shit there's just not much there and there's no appeal to follow them closely. I don't know how you guys can watch this team.

as for bell/rogers stepping in HAHA. it's the same corporate shit give me a break. Ain't nothing changed. Most likely colangelo will get canned at the end of the season or somewhere closer to the end. Do yourselves a favour and take the rest of the year off.

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