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Last year we played better team defence. It was not only one player it was a group effort. Our offence was controlled and Jose was the key running the show. Defence is part of your offence....you turn the ball over on offence your d looks looks worst.....you miss shots... open shots its like a turn over and d looks worst. We should be better this year because we do actually have more talent.

You have a point guard who leads the team in rebounds right there is a big problem.Why a problem ???? I was always taught box your man out..you do it right you put yourself in position for a rebound....and you protect yourself from a lost rebound by still being with your man. Now I hate to say it but i will. We now have Kyle as much as many believe that he playing well on d hes often out of position when we lose a defencive rebound....he never boxs out and he always leaves his man on a shot.So when we lose a POSSESSION we become outnumbered because Lowry is all over the place. Why so many open looks on the perimeter...Lowry always under the basket going for rebounds !!!! Also steals ...DC himself even made the comment alot of steals is a concern because players tend to leave their position too often which in turn starts the break down on d. DC has to address this shit...the players see it, we see it....more and more players are calling it out not by pointing fingers but talking team defence.
Its not all Lowry its everyone and DC has to go back to last years film and show the guys.
I would like to see us go back Friday with Calderon, Ross, Demar, Bargs,and Gray to start. Sub in JV as 6th man early.Get in Kyle give Bargs some burn at the 3 Davis at the 4 and Amir at 4 or 5. There you go those are your guys 9 man rotation with Kleiza/Maguire on call.
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