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Originally Posted by Raptors1995 View Post
This is not isolated to Toronto. With lebron signing with Miami this ushered a new era, where its unlikely a player of his caliber will be coming to teams like toronto. I wouldn't just say Toronto's the problem. Past general managers, ownership, coaches, there's a lot of things we could point to. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't mcgrady a Rfa when he left toronto. He wanted to leave as well, but I don't know why we didn't even start him. I remember money was also an issue hindering Grunwald. Ownership could have stepped up, instead of giving junk yard that contract. We shouldn't have let it get to that and got a better return than just picks from Orlando in a sign and trade. Even with Vince Carter that trade was horrible, we got nothing decent in return. Guys pad their stats here and get good contracts elsewhere, but I still don't know why we didn't trade mike James for at least a first round pick if we didn't intend to resign him. Same with Morris Peterson and donyell Marshall we could have got at least got a late pick in return. With respect to us overpaying for free agents that's true, but colangelos known for that too. We could have easily signed Amir to 5 a year. To colangelos credit, he's good at dumping bad contracts as well. The culture did change a bit here. I remember when Babcock was here, I would keep reading about players wanting out. It's sad when a player like Aaron Williams wants out, he should be happy that he's even in the nba. Babcock didn't even want to trade him for 2 second round picks, which embry did in a heartbeat once Babcock left. I could go on, but the problem is more complex than just players not wanting to play for toronto.
McGrady was a UFA but he did want out,so bad that he bailed on the courtesy meeting he had with the Raps after promising he'd atleast hear what they had to offer. I remember rumors of a deal with the Sixers involving Larry Hughes near the trade deadline of T-Mac's final year in TO. I miss guys like Mo Pete,Marshall,Alvin Williams,they all played with heart and brought it every night

lmao at the Aaron Williams and Rob Babcock part.

I don't think that it's about players not wanting to play in Toronto anymore,I think it's more of not wanting to play for a losing franchise unless they're making alot of money. I believe players actually lovethe city,what bothers them is the lack of exposure. NBA players can accept playing second fiddle to the NFL in an American market because many of them grew up watching the NFL or even playing Football,but not so much Hockey. So as much as they know Canada is a Hockey Country,deep down it irritates them that the Leafs get way more publicity in the City. Alot of Athletes have ego's and want to be talked about but the Raptors/NBA isn't covered all that much in the media.

Winning creates a hype though and a championship cures everything,this starts from drafting accurately.
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