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Originally Posted by Renihan_00 View Post
Yes my initial post suggested that there needs to be a penalty for challenging the foul and being wrong.

You can call as many fouls as you want but you better be right or else you are going to be challenged and you will lose points for your team (or whatever you penalty is determined to curb the behavior)

Someone else mentioned the charge thing, I haven't considered it in detail but it is something that remains to be addressed.

There is still going to be ref discretion once there is a play that is disputed but it limits the ref involvement until that time.

Hey can't agree on the floor? Go to the arbitrator. Decision is final.

When you mention disagreements among refs, it's a red herring because that is still a problem that exists currently. This would not change that.

Would it make the game choppy? MAYBE! I agree with you that you would need to find a way to ensure ref decisions are fast.

I would argue that it would make the game less choppy (after a choppy clusterfuck putting it in) because players WILL be scared to call fouls and that potentially will lower the number of ticky-tacky fouls, superstar calls and game stoppages
What's the point of a foul? It's so that when someone gets hit they have a fair chance to get their points. Now you put in a pentally for calling a foul, it defeats the purpose of foul. You think that players would only start calling fouls when they actually get hit, but you seem to be forgetting that players think they get fouled but are simply wrong. This isn't going to prevent people from calling fouls.

Also it gives players more power in a game, meaning more dispute between them and the refs. There is no way the game will be less choppy, no matter the penalty players will still argue for calls. Look at technical fouls, players argue even though there not getting the call changed. Imagine what it would be like if now those same players had the power to make calls. Players like DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin wouldn't even touch the floor because of how much they claim to get fouled and argue with the refs. You say they'd learn but DeMarcus Cousins' career isn't going anywhere because of this inability. In a league like you imagine it would be worse.
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