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Originally Posted by LX View Post
It's called having a reasonable rotation. He's just another of the meh wings. You could argue that he should have gotten Dom's minutes, and maybe he will at some point, but there's not much to get worked up about either way. It's just a mess in any case.

Kleiza disappoints me. He shows a nice ability to pass the ball in the post when he's playing internationally, but here hes such a black hole and goes 1 on 5 so much.
He's qualitatively better on the offensive end. And at the end of the game, it was again our offense that struggled. We scored 36 points in 22 minutes. At the very least he could have been put in instead of this insanely shit 2 pg line-up. Even with Lowry and Jose out there Jose by far had the majority of the playmaking responsibility. I remember one possession where Lowry called Jose to take the ball from him. The offense just works better with Lowry doing the handling. And with Kleiza on we could have gone with him with Lowry and DeMar so our D wouldn't be god-awful with Jose getting blown by (the Spurs don't have a swingman that was killing us, just guards).

What bothers me about Casey is that he's been making excuses all season. I can understand a few games, close games where you just say to yourself "it could have gone either way, it will next time" but this many games in excuses aren't going to cut it. He's not saying I have to change the offense to accommodate Ed and JV and Ross and Kleiza so we have a shot at winning when we don't get a good scoring night from Bargs/DeMar/Lowry, or saying we need to work on the offense, especially out of bounds plays, or saying our defense has been really shoddy and we're doubling at the right times and we're helping at the wrong times which lead to wide-open threes. Or even that we need to close out with more intensity. He's not putting any responsibility for this team's success on himself.

He's specifically saying things like WE CAN'T WIN without Bargs (or the invisible player du jour). He's specifically saying he's going to match-up to his opponent's line-up of two smaller guards rather than play Kleiza at the three when the Jose/Lowry combo has proven to not work well at all. He's specifically saying that we're gonna feed Bargs shots even if he's as cold as ice and you could play scorching Ed Davis in the fourth and overtimes to give the team some hustle and rebounding. He doesn't even point out specific problems or calls players out on the post-game interview - no, he says things like we need to pay attention to the details, we need to figure out how to close close games out and all that vague BS which is just a cop-out; all the while praising whoever did well that night and being cheerful and optimistic.

He should be pissed we're not winning and he should be pissed his coaching isn't getting the job done. But as I said all I see him doing is rationalizing the losses as the responsibility of the team's fortune or one poor performance on a given night. I can't support a coach who doesn't take the responsibility for winning onto himself, ESPECIALLY after we've had so many close losses and close games are the ones that allow for the most impact by the coach. He might be a great coach, but his mentality just doesn't jive with our players or our results.

Also, either Lowry is well below 100% or, like I'm worried he is, he can see the team isn't changing or getting better and he's tuning out the coach and his teammates. He's already showing bad body language, being less aggressive with his penetration and instead taking hero shots which aren't falling. I clearly saw him freeze Bargnani out on several possessions in favour of trying to do it himself. Plus he's so used to getting the clear foul calls that we aren't and he's pissed and complains and we gave up at least three easy buckets (including the foul on Ginobili) because that complaining got in the way of getting back on D. This is why I'd rather trade him soon rather than watch him get so disgruntled after a single season that we HAVE to trade him and get less of a return because of it.
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