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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
perfect, i knew someone would jump in and say "its only been 2 games! omigosh you have to relax!
i was waiting for that.
shall i bring up his run in Denver?
that ended up being a fail.
and look at how philly turned their luck around when AI left... they actually got better.
Go ahead, bring up his run in Denver. Turns out his run in Denver was better than half the league's run during that span. They were one game shy of 50 wins in the first season he was brought there, and 45+ wins thereafter, in a TOUGH WESTERN CONFERENCE.

I guess Bosh is an even BIGGER LOSER because he hasn't done that yet.

Or maybe Lebron is just as much of a loser as Iverson is. I mean, Iverson carried his piss-poor team into the Finals too, and even WON a game in the Finals, beating an insanely dominant Lakers team. It's more than Lebron can say, and definitely more than almost everyone in the NBA can say.

Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
AI is not a winner.
if its not all about him, teams actually play worse with him.

hey jump, wanna bet that Denver actually ends up with a better record than last year?
or how about we bet that detroit's record will be worse than last season?
I don't want to bet anything, because frankly, I have zero confidence in Michael Curry. But I will sure as hell take the bet that Denver will have a better record.

Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
are you kidding?
the last thing detroit wants is a guy that will hang on to the ball for 15 seconds and get his shot off.
the Pistons are all about movement and open looks.
AI kills their gameplan.
I hate it when people pretend they watch other teams on a regular basis other than their own. If you think Iverson does that, then you are just delusional.

But hey, maybe the former GM of the year is just mentally challenged for having traded Billups for Iverson.

Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
they have a cake games vs sacramento on tuesday, then Gstate after that.
if they dont wipe the floor with these 2 - like the pistons of old would do, without breaking a sweat - they are in trrrrouble.
Again, the pistons of old were never really known for blowing out their opponents. You only remember games against the Raptors, where they wiped the floor with us. That doesn't mean they did it to the rest of the league. But you would know cuz you seem to have watched the pistons and nuggets very closely throughout the past few years.

They were known as a team who took teams way too easily, and only turned it up a notch when they had to win in the end, and they did.
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