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Originally Posted by DrFunk3385 View Post
Further to this - I get that our 'Canada's Team' nonsense is great for marketing (even though the last thing Toronto could be accused of is being Canada's anything)... but c'mon.. the red and white, the maple leaf... It's stupid. Most of the players in the NBA are American - and thus, indoctrinated with American patriotism. It's bad enough playing outside of their country, bad enough playing for Toronto - you don't have to paste a frickin maple leaf on the jersey they're playing in and rub it in their face - as if they're playing for our national team or something. It's completely counter-intuitive.

If anything, we should abandon the Canadiana thing.

And to the Euro connection - it might be more interesting if we could actually draft and develop decent Euro players. San Antonio seems to be able to do it. We love Euros, but we suck at picking them. It's incredibly frustrating to have a roster filled with white, soft Euro stiffs when random other non-Euro-centric, non 'international city' teams manage to pick up fantastic Euro players late in the first, into the second round.
I thought we dropped that whole Canada's Team business a long time ago? They kept the maple leaf on the third jersey, but we still have Toronto on the black jersey. Also, the website used to have all that bs about Canada's team, but no longer has it. I think they tried that cross Canada marketing scheme, and clearly no one cares other than the GTA anyways, at least in a large scale. I totally agree though, this is Toronto's team, and the Canada's team thing never made any sense. I was at a mall in Barrie recently, and happened to walk by their sports store and they didn't even stock basketball jerseys. This is a town less than 100kms away from Toronto, and one of their sports stores doesn't even stock Raptors stuff. And there's even an NHL lockout to boot. For me, it's always been Toronto's team, and always will be.
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