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I like this better for 2010;

keep 12 of our guys until the summer of 2010 (somehow) (bosh, bargs, jose, hump, will, ukic, moon, JO, kaps, nathan, graham, & adams) & than resign Bosh (pick up the 2011/12 player option + 5 years), we resign joey, resign jawai, resign moon, resign solomon, we'll have ukic, sign (with qualifying offer) and trade Bargs for something decent but is only $3-6 million, I say we don't sign parker for even next year and get some cheaper and still decent euro. guard or some good 2 guard for a couple years, we'll still have hump and calderon, trade kapono for somethin cheaper but still decent or able to somewhat fill the void, resign adams....& sign........AMARE STOUDEMIRE!

F**k JO, him and Bosh are going to be making $38.8 million together in 2009/10 (next year), wheras in 2014/15, Bosh and amare will make $47.6 million. All we have to do is clear out $8 million worth of cap space (like I explained above with getting rid of bargs, kapono and AP) OR we can keep Bargs and kapono (AP will be too old by then, so no AP, instead sign travis outlaw or something) and go into luxury, BUT we will win a championship for the tax, so I don't think the maple leaf co. will mind. Seats will be #1 in the nba in sold out crowds after this deal + merchandise (amare jerseys, etc.).

It'll look something like this between the two (most likely going into luxury tax, but not much, if any);

2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16
CB4 $17.15 $19.5 $20.8 $22.1 $23.4 $24.7
Amare $19.0 $20.3 $21.6 $22.9 $24.2 (player opt.)

Phoenix is offering Amare $17.7 million in 2010/11 as his player option (but he will be a unrestricted free agent in 2010!) and we can afford to give $1.3 million more than Phoenix to him with this plan (clearing out cap, luxury tax, etc.) and he'll want to play with an ALREADY GOOD team with two allstars (+ himself) & Bosh will sign for sure if Amare comes (they'll be playing together in their prime)! Phoenix will be old and they'll suck (37 year old Nash, Shaq will be gone, etc.)......... so what better place is there for amare to come to than TO!

We will win a championship, have 3 allstars (A REAL big 3) and maybe one of them will win the MVP award!

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