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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Uhhhh... maybe a team who needs a good veteran PG or backup PG?
But what "much" are they going to give up? Jeff acknowledged that a trade would be possible with a 3rd team involved, if you read his post properly. The point is that few teams can do anything straight up, and it gets worse the longer you wait.

For example....

Think the Lakers wouldn't like him there backing up Nash?
How are they going to make that move? What salaries are they going to send back in order to make the trade work under the CBA? Other than picks, why would we take anything from them? In a straight up situation, what do they have that we need?

How about in OKC spelling Westbrook (or letting him play off the ball)?
Again, what are they going to send back? Martin is playing very solid right now, so no way in hell do we get him. What do they give us to make the salaries work? Perkins? He is playing crappy, and will just take time from JV. He only has value if a 3rd team is involved.

In MEM backing up Conley?
Again, what do they send us?

In CHI running the show until Rose is ready to take over full-time again?
Are they going to give us Deng? No. So what salary are they going to send us to cover Caldy's $10 mill? We have no use for Boozer or Taj. What do they give us?

As a steadying influence in CHA?
Jordan already blocked one trade for Jose. And they already have enough to trouble distributing back-court minutes between Kemba, Henderson, and Ben Gordon and Sessions, especially when all four are healthy. How is Jose going to fit in that mix? It's an unlikely scenario.

Maybe in GS as well?
They already have a solid back-up in Jarret Jack playing behind Curry. And they want Curry at PG so that they can start Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes on the wings.

So, really, when you read Jeff's post, there is nothing wrong with what he is saying. It is accurate. Without a 3rd team involved, it's hard to find a good deal. You might be able to find a taker, but Jeff is talking about getting "much" back. I suspect he means more than a shit contract, or a redundant piece at PF that we don't need.
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