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Originally Posted by LKeet6 View Post
I know this has been discussed before and the consensus was that no, we can't trade a 1st round pick coz of our obligation to houston (now OKC.)

but i was just on RealGM looking up future draft pick ownerships and saw this in orlando's list about their 1st rounder that came from the 76ers in the howard trade.

2015 first round draft pick from Philadelphia
Philadelphia's own 2015 1st round pick to Orlando two years after Philadelphia satisfies their obligation to convey a 1st round pick to Miami (Top-14 Protected in the 2015 NBA Draft, top-14 protected in 2016, top-11 protected in 2017 and top-8 protected in the 2018 NBA Draft.). If Philadelphia does not send Orlando a first round pick by the 2018 NBA Draft, they Philadelphia shall convey their own 2018 and 2019 second round picks to Orlando. [Denver - L.A. Lakers - Orlando - Philadelphia, 8/10/2012]

have i got something wrong there? Also, if philly haven't done it by 2018 they only have to give 2 2nd rounders!? not bad for them!?

Kleet, I think you're confused by the poor organization of that paragraph. At first glance, it may appear as though the protections listed in paranthesis are in reference to the pick from Philly to Miami, leaving the impression that the pick to Miami could be locked up until 2018. That's not the case. Those protections are for the Orlando pick.

As RaptorsBuckeye fan was suggesting, the Miami pick obligation ends in 2015. If you look under Miami's credits, you'll see that. But if the pick falls outside the protection zone, they also just send Miami a couple of 2nd rounders. Either way, there is no 1st round pick obligation to Miami beyond 2015.

So, to put it simply, this is legal because, at the latest, Miami gets the 1st from Philly at 2015. Then Orlando can get Philly's pick in either 2017 or 2018. This is consistent with the collective bargaining agreement because (1) Philly does not trade away their pick two consecutive years in a row; and (2) they have not traded away a 1st round pick 7 years in advance, since the obligation ends in 2018.

It's different than our situation because our potential obligation to OKC via Hou extends to 2018. As long as the pick could possibly be givin away at any point between now and 2018, there is the potential scenarios to give up a 1st in back-to-back years, or in 2020, both of which violate the CBA. (see 1 and 2 above).
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