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Originally Posted by Bmats7returns View Post
*yawn*Russel's teapot*yawn*God of the gaps*yawn*flying spaghetti monster*yawn*

I thought they finally put Dawkins into the children's section. I didn't come here to debate a dumbed-down atheism.

What is a human right and where do they come from (or how do we come to know/define them)?

Are you familiar with legal positivism, interpretivism, and realism? In case you are wondering who I'd put in those categories, I'd put Hart in the first, Dworkin in the second and Leiter/Hutcheson in the third.
trying to paint me as a caricature is not going to work, especially because that post was not directed at you or at a point you made. i'm really not sure what you are getting at with this post.

the answer to your last questions are yes, and no i'm not.

are you actually asking me what i think a human right is and where i think they come from, or are you just putting that down to get a lead in to a discussion on the philosophy of law?
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