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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Just an observation. This is petty bullshit that Islamophobes are all over. And the new atheist need to proselytize fits right in alongside that. And still it is incredibly unimportant. The dude is a barber with a particular identity. There is nothing ominous or over zealous about him. And he isn't doing anything as simple as denying services based on gender, or hiding behind make-believe. He's living his life within a realty that includes multiple truths that need to be faced by all of us. But down with Islamic barbers!

Or maybe the guy is just an asshole. In which case make-believe has nothing to do with it, and he can be treated as an asshole. It probably won't make him any less of an asshole. But then he won't be the CEO of Monsanto either.

The older Hitchens would approve. Side with George Bush on bombing the shit out of Baghdad and stand firm with a woman's right to have her hair cut by a Muslim, but she better not cover that hair if she is a Muslim, because that would just be too unenlightened for his tastes. There we go. All our problems solved.
this is neither simple or petty. the reality of competing rights butting up against one another is an increasing problem in secular societies. i would be wholly and completely uncomfortable with the notion that people's make-believe trumps others reality. to call this prosthelytizing is to deny the reasonable point being made.

'living his life within a reality that includes multiple truths'... i have seen you reference this meaningless drivel too many times. it's about time you explained how this is real, and how this should impinge on a woman's right to get service in her own community. there is bit one truth, and the question is whether or not people can see it. most can't, so we reason through it. one way to make sure you won't see it is to invent your own, or, even worse, to believe in someone else's invention without questioning it.

muslim, catholic, zeus-worshipping, i don't give a flying fuck. none of it is my reality, and none of it has a shred of credibility to support it.
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