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Originally Posted by LKeet6 View Post
saying we have 3 bad positions is so ridiculously simplistic man.

for a start i don't agree but also that doesn't take into account match-ups, rotations, bench etc.

Lowry and DD have been great so far, Val has been great in limited mins and Bargs is either good or terrible. So i would say, with your simplistic approach we have 1 and a half bad positions!

our bench has been so disappointing so far coz i expected it to be awesome but it has showed real signs of improvement in the last 2-3 games. That immediately gives us a big boost and can compliment the starters.

then of course there is coaching. The roatations have not been good, as everyone seems to agree. If we get that right it can cover up some of our starting 5 deficiencies. Amir has been great coming on for Val, Ed has shown he should get more mins and kleiza and ross have shown that can gives us a scoring boost as well.

yes our starting 5 is not good enough yet, we all want an SF, but your point wasn't valid imo.
Excuse me, but when I need you to tell me whether or not my point is valid, I'll ask.

Derozan has been great??? Hmm. Ok. When?

Val has been great? When?

Lowry HAS been great, he is a good player.

We don't have a SF.

DD is getting better but is still not effective and not a winner. He gets his numbers, but a lot has come in games where it wasn't a win situation by the fourth, OR they folded and choked in the fourth. If this is "greatness" I will let the actual star SG's of the NBA know that it's time for them to become legit Deities.

Val is a future player, shows a glimpse... I love it, but he is still a mess, an improving mess, at a great rate, but still...

Sorry man, one brutal win and this place is back to thinking this is a good team. DD is off the hook, Val is Howard, and Lowry is Chris Paul. Short term memory I guess, because to be honest, I remember a week ago, reading the game thread, and NOBODY was calling DD or JV great.
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